Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's a boy x2!

Okay, well I'm a little over a week behind in getting this posted. And over two weeks behind in one case. I'm happy to report that my sister is having a boy which she found out of August 16, 2010. My sister and brother in law have not determined a name yet and I will post that immediately once it has been relayed to me. Of course I do not have the gender determination sono pix from her yet but I will also post those once I have those.

From the heading I'm sure you have gathered that we are having another boy as well. It would appear that my husband and I are quite adept at producing male children. In keeping with our current theme with our male children we have determined that he will be name Dalton William.

Darrell Wayne (husband)
Dylan Wayne (step-son)
Dustin Wayde (son)
Dakota Weber (son)
Dalton William (incubating)

Profile Shot

No Clue what this is.

Another profile shot and the foot.