Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Else??

So, this week has been a war zone in terms of the weather. We have had the coldest snow storm North Texas has seen in decades. So, we've been home bound for days which is awesome. Being stuck in the house with small children who need to get out and exercise has been a blast. I'm sure we'll end up being cooped up on Friday as well. Luckily for the boys and I we fly out Saturday to go to Phoenix for 11 days. So, at least regardless of the weather there is an end in sight for us.
So, let's discuss the events of this week which has made it one of the most expensive as well as arduous weeks I have encountered recently. Let's see... I dropped my phone in water. Thus, I had to pay $89 to get my Droid replaced (that was the deductable for the insurance I already pay for monthly). Then our heater went out. On the coldest day in history... so that was awesome. So, we had to pay 1.5K to replace the entire heater. On Wednesday our power went out 3x. Which was super awesome. Oh yeah and on Tuesday night my dog ran away. She was gone for 36 hours. I was sure she was dead. Luckily I found her today and when my sister in law happened to spot her while she was outdoors smoking a cigarette. Our shower pipe is frozen as a result of the no heat so we can't take showers. Only time will tell if its completely busted. Of course we won't know that until it's thawed and has caused several thousand dollars worth of damage to my house. So, I'm looking forward to that. So, it's definitely been a long week. I should probably just go back to work so I can avoid all of these things going wrong since they only seem to have been happening since I've been on maternity leave. Go figure. :{
Let's not talk about the fact that my house is very claustrophobic at this point because there are so many of us under one roof. Seriously, I think we're all about two feet from pummeling each other. Perhaps its only me... but I know that I'm getting stir crazy. 4 adults, 3 kids, a dog, and cat living under my roof are FAR too many during a snow storm when we have absolutely no outlet. Of course at least now we are all warm and safe. Smelly since we can't take showers... but safe.
Actually we are fixin' to brave the roads and head to my Dad's house so I can take a shower and bathe my children.

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  1. Holy crap girl. That totally sucks. It seems like when it rains, it pours. Or in this case when it freezes it snows. lol

    Seriously, you picked the worst time to go on maternity leave, cause we basically had this whole week off. lol I haven't been to work since Monday.

    Good luck with the pipe. I hope it didn't burst. I also hope the new heater totally rocks your world into blissful warmth.

    P.S. I hope you beat Angel's @$$.

    Love you!