Saturday, June 6, 2009

Auto Pilot

Has anyone ever been operating on auto pilot? I was asleep this morning when I heard banging (my 3 year old). Apparently I had the audacity to sleep until 8:19. Apparently that 20 minutes later than my normal alloted sleep time. My four month old was screaming at the top of his lungs and my 3 year old was talking to himself. People get cranky when they don't eat. I know I do. It's about 40 minutes later and I'm still asleep I think. I'm patiently waiting for the caffeine to kick in. Although, my youngest son is watching me type and is completely fascinated by it. It's the hands, newborns love hands and mine are evidently very exciting for the moment. Both kids have clean pants and have been fed. So, the emergency situation I awoke to has passed. Looks like the verdict is both kids will live. Phew! They were worried. Pretty sure they are going to file a complaint with management about the tardiness of their breakfast. Of course, that's to be expected. Dustin is banging his cup now which means he needs a refill. Hmmm, his immediate dilemma has been solved. He'll have to wait a minute.

As soon as the caffeine kicks in I'll have to go on a hunting excavation. More juice is on the first of the list. The second is tackling some of the Ewww going on in my house. What is it with young kids you develop a new terminology. For instance, I sometimes catch myself telling someone I need to go "potty." I guess sometimes I forget that I'm talking to adults. Dustin spilled his juice on his high chair lids which has a cup holder. He's now sifting the juice from the cup holder into his cup. Got to give him points for ingenuity. Kids and animals have an amazing gift for destroying a perfectly clean house. I sometimes wonder if I'm in the old west. I see hairballs rolling around on the tile floor compliments of my shedding Chow Chow. Random stickiness on my tile floor makes me cringe and need to wear shoes for sanitary purposes. It's amazing how many times I say in reference to my three year old, "probably won't killl him." For instance, eating dog food out of the dog bowl is probably not something that will kill him. At least it hasn't yet. I think I'm exhausted because I actually had an exciting night out on the town. The boys and I went over to a friends house and were let our boys play. We were out until 9:30. You know you've almost reached 30 when you think that's a late night. So much for a wild night life I was used to when I was 21. Anyway, my son is busy making a busy another mess. The caffeine is thankfully starting to kick in. I'll be busy trying to clean the house and hairballs, while Dustin diligently makes more messes. First on my list... wash Dustin's bedding. His diaper leaks and that's gross. Like I said... a bunch of Ewww to clean up.

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  1. The thing that cracks me up as I also refer to my dog's hair balls as tumble weeds and my husband argues they aren't big enough. You crack me up. I hope you got the best of the "Ewww." I know I didn't this weekend. At least I got bedding changed.