Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ta Da!

Well, I actually did all that I set out to for today. The house is clean except for the newest addition to our tumbleweed pile, again compliments of my Chow. My homework is done and I went to a meeting. All in all a productive day. Now I get to go back to work and do that work thing for five more days. Forgive my lack of enthusiasm. It's 10:30 and my three year old is still awake. I had to change his diaper and clothes again because he had some more Ewww going on. It's amazing how much Ewww all the things in my life produce. Between the kids, the cat, and both dogs I'm forever surrounded by various Ewww's. Although, for today and right now it's under control. I'm waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in so I can go get some sleep before I go back to battle tomorrow. I would be watching tv comfortably in my room right now except Darrell is having trouble falling asleep. I get blamed for enough stuff around here, I don't need that on my list as well. Funny how when the kids have a mess, suddenly it's like I inherit it. Why is that? Just wondering.
So, the meeting I went to was for newcomers in AA. What's weird about that is people that are newly sober are quite interesting and basically make no sense because most of them are still fuzzy from their drinking. So, I basically went and listened to a bunch of people random about stuff that made no sense. So, that was fun. Glad I'm not newly sober anymore because I'm sure at that stage of my sobriety I made absolutely no sense either. In September I'll have six years. Man, the time flies. I swear, it seems surreal to say that I've been sober almost six years. I remember when I thought a month of sobriety was a long time. Of course it is if you are just getting sober. Of course, with any luck and some diligence on my part I won't have to go through the first few days of getting sober again. Once was enough for me. And being sober is definitely the easier, softer, way.
My Dad came over tonight and hung out. We had turkey burgers for dinner. They were yummy. Unlike some other people I know I'm not losing my post baby weight as quickly as I'd like. What a beat down. Although, when I look at Dakota it was so worth it. He's such an amazing little soul. He's like a little ray of sunshine. So is Dustin my oldest. We went on a walk earlier and he turned around held up his arms for a hug. So, I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. It's great when they can return the affection you feel. That's an amazing gift. An amazing gift I get to experience sober. What a wonderous world we live in.

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