Monday, October 26, 2009


Bobot is a main theme in our house and has practically become a family member. My son is obsessed with transformers and anything related to them. We bought him the first transformers movie two weeks ago and needless to say I have watched that movie several times during that timeframe. We bought him transformer shoes that light up over the weekend. He slept in them last night. He is also being a Bobot for Halloween which is absolutely adorable. He calls the mask his Bobot Hat. The unfortunate thing is that half the time I have to tell him he can't wear it because I've already had to mend two holes in it because of his extensive use of it. I cannot wait to take him trick-or-treating. I work in Accounting, so when month end comes I usually have to work really late. Last year I worked until after 10. So, this is my first year that Halloween falls on a Saturday and that means I get to take my beloved boys out on the town. Okay, not really the town. However, we'll be driving 3 miles over to my Dad's house to go trick-or-treating. There are more kids in his neighborhood so I think they'll have more fun. Dakota is so laid back that I think he'll just enjoy the ride. This day is really going to be more about Dustin this year. Perhaps next year Dakota will get more into it. But, being that he's only nine months he'll be strollering it this year. Below are some pix of Dustin in his Bobot costume. Love these!

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  1. Dustin is so stinking cute. I love the last picture with you two hugging on the couch. Seriously adorable.