Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poor Dustbug

Well, Dustin my oldest son who I also call bug or Dustbug has some sort of nasty something. Not sure if it's the flu but it sure isn't a cold. He was throwing up on Sunday, Saturday Dakota seemed under the weather but now seems fine. By Monday morning Dustin seemed fine so he went to school. Same thing Tuesday morning. However, this afternoon at 3:30 I got a call stating that he had a 103 fever. By the time I got there and I felt him he sure didn't feel like he had a 103 fever. So, the only thing I can figure is that when he was taking a nap and sleeping with his fleece blanket must've compounded the fever. Dustin's fever has been hovering in between 99-100 degrees since I brought him home. He's alternated between seeming semi normal to acting sick. Like asking to go night-night at 6:30. Then when I check on him 45 minutes later wanting to get up and hang out. So, then when he got up around 7 he had explosive poop. GROSS! Seriously, all over the couch. Got that cleaned up. So, he asked to go to bed again and I let him to go to sleep. I check on him around 9:30 and he had explosive poop all over the bed (luckily there's a mattress cover). He had fallen asleep at the foot of his bed attempting to avoid the puddle. Absolutely disgusting. So, I woke him out a dead sleep and put him in the shower to clean him off. He was screaming with discontent but the number of baby wipes I would've had to use to clean him off would've been all five packages we have in the house and would've been just as much of a shock to his sleeping system. So, after I got him all cleaned up I put him to bed on the loveseat thinking I would sleep out in the living room as well so he wouldn't be alone. He just woke up ten minutes ago and had explosive poop again. I'm not a rocket scientist but I'm pretty sure that I'll be working from home tomorrow. I can't in good conscience let my little bug go to school when his stomach is wreaking such havoc on his system. I'll admit it is completely gross though. Hopefully it's all out of his system so he can sleep peacefully and let me get some zzzz's. I went and bought a bunch of gatorade so I can rehydrate him tomorrow. However, his fever is at a steady 99 at this point. Not really high enough to cause great concern but his other symptoms are definitely alarming. At least he was nice enough to wake up and stand up and then explosive poop in his diaper instead of all over the couch. Much easier to contain that way and get rid of. Then he wanted to go back to bed. So, now he's back there probably back asleep. I left the door open and will be sleeping on the couch so he can run out here and grab me if he has any problems. Poor little guy looked super disoriented when he got off the couch from a dead sleep to react to his stomach. I had to tell him 3x that I was across the room. Anyway, that's my gross story. The messes we get to clean up when we are Mom's... definitely something we don't earn medals for and something that definitely makes our stomach made of iron.

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