Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things that Should REALLY be on a BABY Registry

Okay, so when I first found out my boss was carrying her first child I threw together these pictures of things that should really be on a baby registry because I thought there was some element of truth for those of us with children already and because it amused the hell out of me.

Valium... for us or for them... either way works.

Four foot tongs... you're going to need these to handle anything nasty... so you'll need these a lot with a new baby.

A "play pen" If CPS swings by you may want to say this is for the dog. This is more convincing if you actually own a dog.

This is self explanatory... also helpful if you actually own a dog.

A Hazmat suit... so many uses... not enough space to list them all.

Ear plugs... for when they just won't "shut up"

"Bottles" I don't drink... but if I did I would probably have a lot of these. :)

So, that's my twisted sense of humor.

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