Monday, August 15, 2011

Everything to Everyone

Do you ever feel so stretched sometimes in so many different directions it's difficult to keep track of all the threads? That's sort of how I feel at the moment. However, it's not the number of threads and directions that has me irritated... it's my ability to perfect them all. I feel like I've been "stubbing my toe" in certain areas and have not mastered everything that I should have already workwise and it's bothering me more than I could say. I feel like having to basically be CEO of a household (remembering everything for everyone) and maintaining all the little details (couponing, cleaning, paying bills), etc. have prevented me from being as productive as I want to be in other areas. I feel like I've done so much better in recent weeks in terms of budgeting and watching our spending. I've spent a lot of time couponing and doing other various activities to save money now and in the future. I've seen some small changes and it's been good. I started working out 5-6 weeks ago... haven't seen any changes there... but I feel better so that's good. My house has been in pretty good shape for weeks now (let's not talk about my car). But, I do this one process at work and it started a few months ago. It's not perfect and I'm not perfect at it and that drives me freaking bananas. I sort of want to pull my hair out in frustration with myself. I know that I should have a little more patience with myself perhaps... but I'm sort of beyond that. I'm told that I have a lack of empathy and that definitely includes myself. Meaning I'll give anyone a little to a lot of wiggle room in some areas... but there comes a point when excuses (I'm new at this) or whatever are enough. So, this month better be different or I'm going to vote myself off my own island.

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