Saturday, February 27, 2010

God Bless Face8ook

So, guess what? Another friend found me last night via Face8ook. I met her when I was 21-22ish. She was such a good friend and such a breath of fresh air in terms of everyone else I encountered. We met when I was a Team Lead at a bank.
Side Note: Dakota is ripping apart a magazine on the floor and is waving his spoils in the air in a wonderfully fantastic victory dance. Dustin is holding the dog hostage in his room so they can "play". I'm not sure what his recent obsession is with having the dogs locked in a room with him. I hear him laughing.... hmmmm.... I wonder if he's torturing the dog. I hope not.
Anyway, so I met K at the bank and we started hanging out. I fondly remember ordering steak and eggs from Coco's some mornings and eating it at work. We were such a mess. She had an adorable love of dogs and adopted a pit bull I believe. She was wonderfully outspoken and a completely free spirit. Unfortunately for her she had caught me right when I was at my worst and for some reason she was still friends with me. I lost contact with her after I left Phoenix to get sober and have cyberstalked her from time to time to no avail with finding her. Suffice it to say she found me last night and I do know she's engaged and has relocated from Phoenix. I'm excited to hear more about her adventures. :) God Bless Face8ook.

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