Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding Jesus

I'm going to keep this quick since it's late and I have a doctor's appointment, work, and then hanging out with the boys in my forecast tomorrow. So, I've been thinking about venturing back into Church for awhile now. And the C word is almost like a bad word in my memory bank basically due to my Catholic upbringing. I can't tell you how much I DO NOT want to raise my children in that religion and scare the crap out of them about God and such. HOWEVER, taking my kids to AA meetings on Sunday is not really going to cut it either since they do talk about things in those meetings that is a little too advanced for small children, etc. It's just not an appropriate place to bring up my children. Not that it's bad its just not situationally appropriate for my offspring. Perhaps if/when they have a problem with alcohol then obviously that's the path I'll encourage them to take. In the meantime, I've been contemplating going to a non-denominational church close to home so I can begin to teach my children about the God that saved my butt 7 years ago when I got sober. So, I googled some non-denominational churches where I live and came up with Full Gospel Family Worship Center Lucky for me they had a service this evening at 7:00 p.m. and so I was able to go check it out while my hubby watched the boys. I learned that the religious education is free for children, so my oldest would be able to attend while I listen to services. But, the most important thing I saw tonight was a positive and loving message being conveyed about God. Not that everything is warm and fluffy but I want my kids to grow up knowing a loving God not the fire and brimstone one I learned about growing up. I figure if God loves his children half as much as I love mine then the fire and brimstone definition doesn't fit. God should be the definition of love in its purest form and I was happy that the message I heard tonight conveyed that message. That's what I was looking for. I've almost got Darrell dialed into coming to at least one service with me next week. But, the boys are going because I can make them do that. :P The people were extremely nice and I look forward to bringing my runts with me next week.

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  1. It doesn't make sense to me that God would be angry and vengeful either. What would be the point? It seems to me that that behavior would be masochistic, and I seriously doubt God is that way. Why even bother putting us on earth if He is just going to be mad at us for every little thing we do? I think our behaviors are learned from God. The reason we love our children the way we do is because that is the way God loves us. It just doesn't make sense any other way.

    I'm glad you have found a church you enjoy. You're such an amazing mama.