Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Rudeness of Others

I have to say that I am surprised and amazed at the rudeness of others... especially to a complete stranger. What an apalling lack of manners. Last night I went grocery shopping and had promised my boys that I would take them to the park following my trip to the store. So, we left at 7ish and went to the park. At 7:49 we left the park when I thought perhaps we could go get some ice cream because it was a Saturday night and the boys and I never go out on a Saturday. Thus, observing the 8:00 p.m. bedtime not being an absolute requirement. So, I drove up to the square which has an ice cream parlor and several other shops. Being that Denton is also a college town this is a popular spot for college students this time of year. Well, I saw a pizza shop and asked Dustin if he would like pizza... to which he replied in the affirmative. So, instead of running directly to the ice cream shop we diverted to a pizza parlor. When we stepped inside it was layed out much like a coffee shop. With a small bar (where they served alcohol) and several tables in the middle for customers. I saw a downstairs section where live music was being played... obviously the more "bar" section of the facility. Most of the customers were indeed college kids or what I would presume were college kids. Anyway, I stood in line and ordered the pizza. Then we sat down and waited for our food. Dustin sat down and I placed Dakota in the high chair. I went and retrieved drinks from the soda fountain and returned to my offspring. So our food arrive about 15 minutes later. We began eating when this male was walking out the door turned to me looked at my children and stated, "Seriously? What time is it?" To which I replied that it was 8:15. He told me that I was wrong and I told him that no it was around 8:15. He pulled out his phone and proved to me that it was 8:22 p.m. To this I replied, "wow I was off by 7 minutes." I also asked him if he had created this children with me. Obviously if he had not then it was none of his damn business what I was doing with my children. For the next two minutes or so he proceeded to ask my why I was exposing my children to such an environment. I said, "we're eating pizza and then we are going home." He told me that, "he understood." I still have NO IDEA what the hell he meant by that. He also stated that he taught school at the juvenile detention center in denton. He stated he had two children to which I replied, "why wasn't he home with them." A banter of, "why are you still talking to me... and don't touch me." Yes, he had the audacity to touch my shoulder even after I asked him not to. So while he was spewing his garbage I was definitely replying in kind to his ridiculous comments. AND I didn't even cuss. It retrospect I'm so proud. I also told him that he was ignorant and needed to leave. To which he replied that I was ignorant and that he would see my children in his school. Then he left.

Now... because I am a mother and I was personally insulted on every level by this male I will state that FIRST I had never been to this pizza establishment. Thus, I was completely unaware of the fact that they had a bar downstairs. Secondly, they served pizza... its called J&J's Pizza. So, forgive me for not having ESP when I arrived to know that they had a bar in the basement. THIRDLY, it was BEFORE 8:30 on a Saturday night. It's not like I had my children in a bar at 11:30 p.m. and I was proceeding to get blitzed. This was so far from what he was actually implying it was ridiculous. Because he was all up in my mug I could tell he'd been drinking and can only think that that is the cause for his ridiculous behavior. I had not realized that there was a curfew of 7 or 8 p.m. for children under the age of 5 when they are with a parent. I also had not realized that an establishment that had "pizza" in the name was a place of ill-repute for young children. Finally, I never take my children out on a Saturday night and thought that since we'd had so much fun at the park that we could continue for a little while longer. Obviously this thought process makes me completely retarded as a parent. I suppose there's a reason I don't venture too far from my comfort zone. I must say that being at home is much more comfortable to me. However, my children also get bored being home all weekend and obviously enjoy some stimulation. The Rudeness of Others does amaze me.

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  1. What a freaking @$$ hole! I can't believe that. Too bad your husband wasn't there to beat the tar out of him. Of course, if he had been, the dude wouldn't have dared to say anything at all. What a chicken sh*t picking on a woman. I hope the rattle snake up his @$$ bites him.