Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Epitome of Gross

If you have a weak stomach, please do not read this post... thanks..

WOW!! I know that my boys are gross by nature. That is what they are supposed to be... however some days it just amazes me how gross they can be. I believe that motherhood and a strong stomach go hand in hand. If anyone told me how gross it would be I may have gotten a cat... no I'm kidding... I love them despite them being gross.

Okay... so let's see what happened today... I got the boys up... Dakota and liquid poop all over him on the outside of his diaper and he proceeds to stick his hand in it... gross.... so... clean him up. Dax also had poop. This is normal even the little ones do poop. So, I got them both cleaned up... Dustin is potty trained thank God.

Then Dustin decides he and brother are going outside to play. This is fine... they have everything they could want outside. Outside they immediately become covered in dirt and chalk (chalk to draw on our pavement). After awhile outside Dustin decides he's going to brush his teeth outside. I walk by the window and both boys are holding toothbrushes and the toothpaste. WTF? Okay, so I go and grab the toothpaste... they can brush their teeth outside... probably won't hurt anyone... but let's leave some toothpaste for the rest of the family. So, now we have added toothpaste to the mix. Mmmmm dirt and toothpaste... yummy combo. In the MEANTIME while they are becoming covered in dirt I am now washing all bedding in their room... they are covered in pee. Gross. I've also now cleaned the toilet which is also covered in pee because Dustin and his Dad I assume cannot keep it inside the toilet because it is too difficult. I go back to retrieve my children as its time to eat. Dakota has liquid shit all over the back of his pants and shirt. Dustin is covered in dirt and proceeds to tell me he's not dirty... yeah right. Kota goes straight into the shower because this is a mess I'll use 3 packages of baby wipes to clean up. His clothes go straight into the washing machine. Dustin puts his dirt covered hands all over my clean bathroom... it now looks like someone put brown hand and foot prints all over the place. Okay... get Dakota rinses off so I can actually put some soap on his scrubby ass. He proceeds to scream the entire time. Dustin manages to clean himself for the most part. Once I finally get them both cleaned off it's time to eat. I fix them both something to eat. Dakota flings it all over the floor and gets it all over his body... arms, legs, face, hands, and feet. Gross. So, I get him cleaned up... then it's time for a nap. I have the urine infested blankets that are not yet washed (I've done 3 loads and made the beds with their sheets and comforters but some of the bedding is not yet done as they like to sleep with smaller fluffy blankets) on the floor. Dakota lays on it insisting he has to sleep with it. I drag him off and put him in his playpen. Dustin is also crying because his favorite blanket is not yet washed. Where is Daxton in all of this? He's been going with me from room to room attempting to correct the carnage his older two brothers have done to the house throughout the week. Thank God he can't crawl, walk, or make TRUE messes yet. He spits up and poops... but that's so mild compared to his older brothers it's unreal.
What's also awesome... the day is only half over... but they aren't going back outside. F that.

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  1. That wasn't so bad. You didn't say anyone ate any of it or rubbed it all over anything. THAT would have been gross. A couple of blowouts is nothing. BB had one of those this weekend too, and she tried to help me take off her diaper. In doing so, she put her hand in it. Poop is just a part of life. As long as the kids aren't actively playing in it, it isn't so bad.