Sunday, April 10, 2011

25 Reasons My Life is like a Frat Party

1. Gravity always seems to be a challenge. 2. Hand-eye coordination seems to be completely unreliable. 3. Going to the restroom is always a group endeavor. 4. Random brawls are a frequent occurrence. 5. If someone emits a belch or has flatulence this is cause for hysterical laughter. 6. For some reason unbeknownst to you, the floor is sticky. 7. There are random food wrappers scattered throughout the immediate area. 8. What often appears to be a good idea to those involved is extremely dangerous or idiotic to those with a more sober perspective. 9. The dancing is exceptionally bad and yet somehow endearing. 10. It seems that everyone constantly has the munchies. 11. Every mess probably contains some form of bodily fluid. 12. Privacy is an elusive myth perpetuated by cruel outsiders. 13. The party always seem to congregate in close proximity to any female. 14. Everyone's cup always seems to be mysteriously empty. 15. The speech of the cohabitants is often slurred and difficult to understand. 16. Tread carefully else you may trip over items that have to business being out in the open. 17. Drinking and driving is strongly discourage but frequently occurs. 18. Silverware is a confusing and challenging prospect. 19. No one appears to know how to dress and every individual's style is unique and very questionable. 20. There is definitely a preoccupation with anything phallic in nature. 21. Everyone definitely has an oral fixation. 22. The preference of every individual in attendance is to roam around shirtless. 23. Someone is always wondering who is going to make the next food or drink run. 24. The toilet seat is never down. 25. Hygiene is an ambiguous term.

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  1. Oh yeah, life with boys. LOL Maybe it IS time for a bigger house, if for no other reason than to help space out the food wrappers a bit more. lol

    You crack me up.

    Love ya girl!