Monday, May 30, 2011

A Math Formula They Forgot to Teach Us

Now, I would like to consider myself a reasonably rational person. I've even been told that I'm a pretty calm person the majority of the time. Unless of course you are my husband, then this is not applicable. :) I personally feel that there has been a serious oversight in the education of children concerning a small mathematical formula that should be taught in every school across the nation if not the world. Of course I can only speak for myself in such instances. However, I feel that it is a universal theory that could be applied to millions of situations. Here is the formula that I am referring to:

My Children + The Amount of Time, Effort, and My Ability to Clean the Mess = My Level of Irritation or Rage at Said Mess

Thus, whatever mess my children make + my ability to get rid of said mess is directly proportional to the level of aggravation within me... for instance please refer to the following examples (2).

Baby Powder on Chair

Baby Powder also on TV/Dresser

More Shots

On the Chair

Now, in the case of the above example, powder on the chair and dresser/TV, this does not incite much of a response from me. This is due to the fact that I was able to clean this up in minutes. A little windex and paper towels for the TV and dresser, some water for the chair (fabric) and poof it was gone. You can also tell I was amused because I took a picture.

Permanent Marker on the Tile Floor

Now, one might think this next example would cause me more aggravation because its Permanent Marker. However, this one was actually faster to clean up. I sprayed bleach on it, let it sit, and simply wiped it up moments later. Again you can tell it amused me because I took a picture.

HOWEVER, today Dakota put Permanent Marker on my COUCH. He's lucky he's still breathing. Luckily, I got the majority of the blue maker out with nail polish remover. However, Dakota got a serious spanking and it was then immediately time for him to go take a nap. It didn't even piss me off that he scribbled on my glass table with the same marker. WHY? Because I was able to get it off. Of course, I sincerely frown on his usage of permanent marker and do discipline him when he begins getting into trouble. However, it was definitely the couch that took the cake. God, I was so PISSED. And no I did not take a picture. Remember: Kids + Amount of Mess = Level of Aggravation in Parents. :)

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