Saturday, May 22, 2010

Boys will be Boys

I neglected to post anything regarding Dustin's bday and will as soon as I download the pictures.

Well, I'm definitely surrounded by tons of boys. I kind of like it that way... that way when I'm PMSing... I'm the only one bitchy in the house. Except the dog and cat are female. So, I guess that helps even the gender score. There is definitely something to be said for being the only bitch around. I'm not really sure I had an actual point when I began this post... but I guess I'll just run with it.
I've been teaching Dakota to say, "Mom-ma." And everytime he gets it right I clap for him and applaude how amazingly brilliant my one year old son is. Well, the other day Dakota said, "Mom-ma" and started applauding himself without any prompting from me (it was first thing in the morning... and since I don't do tricks first thing in the morning I damn sure don't expect my kids to do them either). It was so adorable. He's growing up so fast. I love the way Dakota gives hugs. He simply puts his head on your lap, leg, arm, whatever... and just pauses there. Then he looks up at you and smiles and repeats this process a few more times. He's such a little angel. Don't worry... I'm enjoying this while it lasts because soon he'll be just like my other little hellion.
Speaking of my little hellion... he also does some incredibly sweet things. Like when he's laying next to me with his blankie, he give me the smallest corner of his blankie and wants to share. He takes such good care of me. And when he whacks the shit out of me doing lord knows what he always kisses my ouchies. Typically he thinks I'm a jungle gym and just jumps on me wherever. He doesn't really have a concept that he can inflict pain since I guess he thinks I'm so much bigger than him and he thinks he's tinkerbell or something. 40+ lbs of tinkerbell can definitely cause some ouchies... luckily nothing serious. He's also very sweet with his little brother and absolutely adores playing with him. It's nice to see them together because Dakota thinks his big brother is the whole world. But, when Dustin does something he doesn't like he screams bloody murder because he knows Momma will come to his rescue... What a handful these two. Love you little bears!

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