Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandpa's House and Hose Adventures

This morning started off a little rough... we were supposed to have swim lessons for both Dustin and Dakota (these started last Saturday when we were out of town). When we showed up Dustin and Dakota were both not on the lists for their classes. And then I find out that regardless of that fact Dustin's class was not being offered because not enough kids signed up for that time slot. I was livid. I asked the chick what the hell I was supposed to do with him while I took Dakota swimming. So, we ended up just leaving because the whole thing was blown if I couldn't get them both in the water. I do not envy the person I will be speaking with on Monday morning. Due to the fact that I had been telling Dustin that we would be going swimming all morning he was incredibly upset to be told that we were going home. I was still incredibly aggravated. The dog ran away temporarily and when she got home she was covered in mud. Beautiful!! She tracked mud throughout my house. She was also on my shitlist. So, as I lay down to take a nap I started speculating.... why not kill two birds with one stone? I decided that I could give the dog a bath in my Dad's yard (since that's where we always head after our Saturday nap) and let Dustin frolick in the water whilst doing so. He had an amazing time. Dakota did not like the hose and screamed bloody murder when we sprayed him. So, we filled up a bottle of water and he had a blast playing with that. Below are some pix from this afternoon.

Dakota picking up his bottle.
MMMMM, water.

Water was rejected.

Dustin was nice enough to give my car a shower.

He did such a good job.

What's with the tongue hanging out??

A future fireman?

He got so into watering the car.

The infamous Bobot underwear.

My pride and joy.
And then of course once I got the boys inside and bathed we had a wonderful dinner because my Dad is an awesome cook. And Dustin made something else besides a cake with his legos. He made a gun... wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. :) LOL! Dakota also took his first few steps. It was an absolutely wonderful Saturday after all.

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  1. Poor Dustin. Stupid swim class morons. They need to be fonged.

    That hose nozel is awesome!

    I'm glad Saturday turned out great despite the lack of swim lessons. Hooray for Dakota taking those steps! It only gets easier from here!