Sunday, July 4, 2010


Okay, so we have purchased several toys for Dakota for his first Christmas as well as his first birthday. However, it always seems like these toys seem to be taken over by my oldest son.. I noticed that Dakota was pushing our chairs around the house like he was using a walker. (Not the kind where they sit in them). Anyway, the next day I took him to daycare... and he beelined for the walk-n-ride that she had there. She told me that he pushes it around all day. Obviously I decided that he had to have one. I had never really seen him take an interest in one thing. Therefore, I decided he needed it. In addition, I've also noticed that he's constantly try to steal Dustin's shoes and put them on ihs own feet. So, this weekend was more about satisfying Dakota's needs than anyone else's. Of course once I brought home the walk-n-ride it has been a constant struggle to keep Dustin off of it so that Dakota can play with it. It is seriously too small for Dustin but that doesn't stop him from riding it. Dakota loves to walk behind it and ride it. It's so adorable I had to take some pictures. I also took a video and you can see that Dustin jacks it as soon as Dakota got off. So typical of how things happen here in the Duke household. :P

Look at that smile.

It makes cool sounds.

Reaching for the sky... or the fan. :)

Dustin had just come over and given Dakota a hug. AWWWW.

Dustin was pretending he was a plane.

Look at THAT face.

I'm moving now.

Upclose pic of the spiffy new shoes... which of course Dakota adores. He loves them!! He was staring at his feet for like a half hour when we first bought them. :)

Doing tricks.

Again with the sounds. :)

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