Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Phoenix Trip

Last Friday night we left to go to Phoenix and visit my Mom, Step-Dad, and siblings. While we were in Phoenix visiting my Mom decided to spoil the kids with some toys they could keep at her house. Dakota now has another walk-n-ride in Phoenix and spent most of the weekend playing with it. Dustin got a big wheel which is significantly cooler than the trike he has at home because this one plays music. Of course Grandma decided he needed sun glasses to accompany his cool new wheels. He had a lot of fun driving around Grandma's spacious downstairs on his new toy. It was a good thing they had these toys because it was way too hot to play outside being that it was like 115 degrees in Phoenix while we were there. We had a lot of fun hanging out with the family. It's always really sad to leave because we have so much fun. I'm looking forward to making another trip in November. My Mom humored me and went with me to buy Hot and Sour soup from my favorite Chinese place while were there. I also went to one of my brother's basketball games and watched him. It was a great time.

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