Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Bestest Birthday Present EVER

Okay, so my Dad told me a few weeks ago that he bought me a really cool birthday present. Of course that lead me to thinking, "what could it be?" Torment!! For real... I'm not good with... "you have to wait." I considered several different ideas for how to hack into something and figure it out. HOWEVER, I wanted to be surprised so I actually DID NOT hack into anything. I was laying in bed one night thinking to myself that when I rule the universe (KIDDING) and am a big hancho in my own mind that perhaps I would use a certain software (DRAGON... I think it's called) to work and send emails while being on the eliptical. THAT'S IT I thought. It's a software that interprets your words and types them onto the screen. I thought that would be so cool. I could use it to write my book I'm planning on continuing after I finish my MBA. So, for days I was convinced that's what I was getting. But, then I thought... Book? Hmmmm... I read a lot of books. I read a ton of books. Even if I go to work and take care of the kids I could still read a book a day. It's ridiculous. Suffice it to say I'm a fast reader and when I find something I like I devour it. Then I thought E-Book reader. I was thinking, "if my Dad REALLY knew... even better than that software he would get me an E-book reader." I was like, "that would be so freaking awesome." To have a little handheld device to read books from. (I read books on my laptop a lot at night). At times I get really frustrated with my husband is on my laptop at bedtime and the book I want to read is on my computer. I'm like, "give me my laptop now!" Okay, TERRITORIAL MUCH? Anyway, I went over to my Dad's house tonight with the boys and I told my Dad my two guesses of what my birthday present was. When I guess the E-Book reader right he'd go ahead and let me have it. It's called a KINDLE. TOO FREAKING COOL! This is the BESTEST birthday present ever. I absolutely adore it. It's my new best friend. :) My Dad knows me so well I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. He told me he had seen that software on TV and said it would be good for someone that doesn't type fast. Since I do type fast... I wouldn't need it. Good job to Dad for deductive reasoning. Of course I never expressed an interest in either product. And I'd MUCH rather have the Kindle than the software. I think it's funny that I even thought it might be the software to begin with. But, he said it was something that was right up my alley... and he was absolutely right. I COULD NOT have asked for a better 30th birthday present. THANK YOU PADRE!! I don't deserve you! I really don't. But, I'll keep you!

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  1. That is awesome! And it totally IS a good gift for you. I hope you enjoy it immensly!