Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Speech Therapy

Okay, so I took the morning off to take my oldest son to the speech therapist. He may have to be in special pre-k because he has a speech delay. The first lady I went to did the testing and he barely participated at all. I'm pretty sure he flunked just about everything she wanted him to do. So, I got referred to this other lady at another school and that's where we went this morning. Instead of trying to get my son to perform tricks she asked me what he could do and went down several lists. I feel like when we get the results we will have a much more accurate picture of what he's going to need to get him up to speed. I'm pretty sure the first lady thought my son was an idiot because he would just stand there and stare at her. Of course, as I was explaining to this second lady... what he'll do for me and what he'll do for a perfect stranger are in two completely different ballparks. He's very intelligent but he definitely is behind on his speech and because his speech is behind there are some things he can't do. For instance, because he doesn't know the color red, or a square, he couldn't look at a group of blocks and give you the red squares. So, getting him to memorize and identify these things are on my to-do list. I've been working with him on flash cards for a little over a month and he's already improved in leaps and bounds. For instance we've been reviewing animals. So, I can show him a picture of a dog and then ask him what the dog says. He'll be able to identify both. So, by familiarizing him with the colors I can begin to ask him other questions that will deepen his understanding. Thus, we've made progress and for that I'm grateful. He has so much potential and I'm going to do as much as I can to make sure that he gets to where he needs to be. Hopefully my second son will just pick up all this stuff on his own. ;) Just kidding. In about six months I'll start having my second son be an active participant in the flash card game as well. He needs a little more developmental time in some areas first. But, the sooner we can get him on all that stuff, the better.

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