Friday, January 8, 2010

Random Shiznit

Because I'm so awful about posting sh%t on time. We did have a wonderful Christmas. My Dad is a Supervisor at the Fort Worth plant of the Post Office. I love to do arts and crafts. So, in addition to some other things I made him... I made him a clipboard (he always carries around a clipboard at the plant) so I printed out some pictures that I loved and decoupaged the pictures onto the clipboard so he could always have pix of the boys whenever he wanted them. Anyway, some of the pix I chose had photos of my hubby with them but none of me. My husband made a comment about that before I gave it to my father. And then my father said some of his co-workers had the same sentiment. So, last weekend I actually did my hair and went over to my Dad's house so we could take some pictures with me in them. I think they turned out pretty cute. Especially the one of the family which I've put as the header on my Blog. I also got some really good shots of Dakota.

Those are just a couple of the shots I got of Dakota. Ofcourse the little goober had boogers all over the world when I was doing his photo shoot. Wonder how much he'll hate me later on for those shots.

Last night I spent with the boys was a lot of fun. After struggling with Dustin to get him to do his flashcards I started tickling him in between every card he got right. WOW! You'd be amazed at how tickling improved his memory. Holy canoly. He got like 90% of the cards right. His vocabulary is really improving in leaps and bounds. I'm quite impressed with my little man. I didn't get any good photos from Dustin last weekend but I have so many pix of him I'm sure he won't mind that I focused primarily on Dakota.

Then last night, when I was trying to pay specific attention to Dakota after I had spent the majority of the night playing flash cards with Dustin I started tossing Dakota on the couch and tickling him. He likes be bounced up and down as well and was giggling uncontrollably. It was absolutely hysterical. Of course Dustin got jealous and wanted me to throw him up onto the couch as well. He's too heavy to be lifting up and down like that for any significant period of time. Although he likes to lay on the couch next to Dakota and then be tickled at the same time so they are both laughing together. What can I draw from this experience? The knowledge that both of my children are sadistic. I HATE BEING TICKLED! I hate it! So, since my children love being tickled they must be twisted. Obviously I'm twisted in other areas, so it's not hard to imagine where they got it from.

My hubby has started working as an Assistant Manager at another one of the locations of his previous employer's restaurant chain. While that's the good news... the bad news is that he's hourly... so he's worked WAY less hours in the past week than we are used to. So, that could be detrimental financially later on down the line. But, I guess for today I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and all that other jazz... so I can't really change or freak out too much about what's going to happen tomorrow. I mean I can but it won't change it. So, I'll just sort of let things happen as they go. Plus, I'm kind of tired today, so worrying about that crap seem sort of mentally exhausting and I'm really not willing to expend my energy in that direction. Maybe tomorrow.... but not today. Today is Friday. It's a good day!

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