Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday's Fun

WOW! I'm amazed. Since I've integrated tickling into the flashcards with Dustin his memory is freaking AMAZING! This morning we worked on the flashcards with tickling in between each one to make it more fun for him than just getting a high five. He probably got 92-95% of them right. I'm really impressed with the progress that my son has made over the last month of us working on the flashcards. I'm not sure of what all they need to know when they go to Kindergarten however I'm becoming more optimistic that he'll be ready. So, I'm still worried about his attention span but at least I know an effective method of teaching him. Of course it takes A LOT longer to get through all the flashcards because he's being tickled in between almost every one of them. But, that's okay. Whatever it takes to get the job done!

Right now he's sitting in Dakota's walker. I took some pictures of him doing this on Xmas day and they are hysterical. For whatever reason he likes to hang out in the walker which I think is funny. Although he never actually uses it to walk which is a good thing because his legs are too long.

I sort of worry about Dakota because he only walks backward in it. He's taking after Dustin in that I think he'll be a late walker. He'll be a year old on the 21st of January and is only army crawling. Oh well, at least he's not up and into every yet like his brother is. So, I guess I should be grateful for that.

It's hard to be though. He's learned the high five although his accuracy rate of doing it 100% of the time is not completely there. But, I'm working on it with him. The mistake I made with Dustin at this age was that I didn't realize you were supposed work with them on things. Call it stupidity or my firstborn. I told my Dad that Dustin was our guinea pig because the lessons I learned with Dustin are helping me to do a better job with Dakota at this age. Which is always nice. I really enjoy being a parent. It brings me so much joy I'm always amazed by my children on a daily basis.

Dustin ate like four apples this morning... okay partially ate four apples this morning. I'm looking around my living room and seeing the new messes I get to clean up later. Like Dustin dumped his toybox contents unto the floor. Of course I'll make him clean that up because I'm cruel like that.

I'm really excited to spend some time with my Dad tonight. He's actually going to spend some time with some co-workers at Buffalo Wild Wings. Now, if you knew my Dad you would know what a hermit he truly is. So, for him to be going out socially is a huge deal. I'll be going with him as well as the boys. The purpose of this trip is to watch the Dallas Cowboys playoff game. Which I could give a crap about. The goal is to get there 1.5 hours before the game and then to watch the entire game. BORING! So, I told Dad we'd be the designated driver so he can hang out and have fun and not have to worry about that. But, after dinner I'll drive the boys home, hang out for awhile and then go back to get him. So, that should be a fun night for all of us. My Dad does so much for me and my family the least I could do was give him the opportunity to relax and have a good time with friends. Plus, I get to show off my kids to some of his co-workers and meet them for the first time. It'll be interesting to meet the people my Dad spends a lot of time with. I think he's amazing but they'll probably see him as the hardass he tries to portray. My Dad and I are so much alike it's really humorous. For instance, people view us as big and scary but when you really boil down to it we're just big teddy bears especially when it comes to our family. Although, there is something sickly amusing about people being afraid of you. When I was drinking I tried to act like the victim.... um that role never worked out for me because I've never looked or acted like a victim in my entire life. So, despite trying to convince myself otherwise I never pulled off that acting adventure.

Below are some examples of my Dad's nerdom. Which I can proudly say that I inherited from him. He bought a mini-Solstice to match his real life one. Here are the pictures of he took with both of them together. He freaking cracks me up.

I'm so grateful that my Dad lives so close by. It's nice that we get to hang out every weekend and on the holidays. It's so nice having family 3 miles away from you. I'm really glad that my kids will be able to form such a close bond with their grandfather. That's really important to me. Although, Dustin calls Grandpa "Bampa." And he never calls him Grandpa to his face. What's up with that? Over a year ago I made my own flashcards for Dustin which are just some of the cards we review in the tickling sessions and he'll say "Bampa" to me when we're going through the flashcards but he won't say it to my Dad. Wierd. He also does that with his own name. He'll say "Dustin" to me but won't to it for my husband or my Dad.

Below is a picture of Dustin and my Dad of Christmas day.

I'm really impressed with Darrell as well lately. He's been really stepping up to the plate and working with Dustin on the flashcards as well as a matching game. I tried the matching game with Dustin right after Xmas and I became crestfallen because I couldn't get Dustin to understand the matching concept. I thought it was because he couldn't grasp it. Turns out Darrell taught him how to do it in a few minutes. See? There are a lot of things that I guess I'm just not good at teaching him. Plus, this is good because Darrell is spending more quality time with Dustin instead of just watching him on the nights that I have "off" of parent duty. This is such an important time in Dustin and Dakota's life and it's awesome that my husband is being such a part of it.

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