Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, tomorrow is Koots' big day. He already had his birthday which came and went without being too eventful. However, tomorrow's is Dakota's first birthday party. When Bug turned one we let him swim in his cake. So, sure enough we got him a cake large enough for him to swim in. I just got done wrapping all the presents for him and got done grocery shopping and picking up some party supplies. Of course, I had planned on making hamburgers and hotdogs for the people I invited which weren't very many. However, after seeing the weather report (sounds like rain) my Dad convinced me to do pizza. But, seriously I didn't even check the weather... my Dad did. So, I guess he's paying attention to details like that. Since i wouldn't be the one grilling, what difference did it make to me? LOL! I just figured I would have to buy the food and make the sides. It's not my responsibility to operate a grill. I bought the presents, will get the house back in order (thank goodness it's still in pretty good shape), give the kids a bath, make sure I take one as well, and then we'll have a party. Grill or grill weather didn't even enter my thoughts. I'm interested to see how Dustin deals with all the ruckus tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be jealous so he'll be opening the presents for Dakota I'm sure as well as helping blow out the candles. I'm definitely drawing the line at letting him swim in the cake. That's for the first birthday only and is of course the main attraction. Hopefully, his godfather will be able to make it to the party. Speaking of which I need to get him baptized. Dustin I had baptized when he was like three months. I was way more on the the ball. However, in my defense I have called our reverend like 3x with no response. Perhaps I'll have to find someone else to perform the ceremony. What an ordeal. Not looking forward to that. When I had Dustin baptized, the reverend that performed it was a family friend and even came to the house for the event. So, I guess now I'll be forced to call my church. Guck... wonder how much that costs.

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